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The recent boom in the crypto space has seen more and more people getting involved. However, one of the pain points preventing a fully-fledged mainstream adoption of blockchain technology is the issue of volatility as well as the disconnect between cryptocurrencies and fiat. This problem makes it difficult to easily convert fiat to cryptocurrencies and vice versa. In my usual self of wandering through the crypto sphere, I came across a project aiming to solve this problem by joining the worlds of traditional fiat and crypto in holy matrimony. This platform is called public mint.


Public mint is a platform that offers the first fiat native blockchain-based payment solution open for anyone to build fiat-enabled applications and accept credit cards, ACH, wire transfers, etc. The project offers the bridge through which crypto and fiat can work together. Their main net was launched in July 2020


With the current status quo, crypto native companies find it hard to work outside the blockchain space while traditional businesses are scared of the uncertainty of operating with crypto assets. Public mint explores the power of centralized finance (CEFI) and decentralized finance (DEFI) to bridge this lingering gap. They bring fiat into the blockchain and also integrates crypto into the global economic system, they combine the best of both worlds i.e. the stability of fiat with the efficiency and instant finality of the blockchain.


1. Fiat native blockchain: fiat is native to the public mint blockchain thus allowing users to interact with the blockchain and crypto sphere with ease

2. Direct fiat access: public mint allows you to onboard funds directly to the blockchain via wire transfers as well as off-board funds.

3. User-friendly key storage: the platform allows its users the ability to store an encrypted copy of their key in their cloud provider of choice.

4. Immediate transaction: public mint allows its users access to faster and safe transactions via its one confirmation finality.

5. Ethereum compatibility: the project mint allows Ethereum developers to build on their platform.


The highly experienced team of public mint is led by Paulo Rodrigues, an experienced blockchain and payments professional with over 20 years in the cards & payments industry. He is the former CEO of a blockchain R&D center, global blockchain business developer, and Head of a SWIFT service bureau at a clearinghouse and payment processor.

Other info on the team as well as project details can be found in the links below. Do well to check them out.






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