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3 min readFeb 23, 2021

With the craze for decentralized finance (DEFI) still at its early stage, the array of projects available to invest in sometimes can be daunting, and making a decision as regards the good ones can be utterly challenging. The alarm on my phone boozes every day with notifications of new projects and I would normally ignore them since most have nothing to offer other than a “beautifully” crafted lite paper or whitepaper with no use case. But today seems to be different as this particular notification caught my attention and kept me glued to digging out more info on the project. Lo and behold, I found a rare gem. The prospects of this project as would be discussed below will leave you in awe. Lest I forgot, the project is called ANTIMATTER.


Antimatter, which is widely regarded by many as the uniswap for options and derivatives is a simple lightweight on-chain and cross-chain Defi derivative protocol with a polarized token mechanism. As there are currently no defi platforms where non-experienced users can execute their long and short strategies, antimatter is building a financial product with a focus on mass adoption through simplicity and normalization. They are introducing the concept of polarized tokens. Their first product will be an eth perpetual product where anyone can short and long at any given time coupled with market-making and arbitrage opportunities. Cool huh?


Though there are several exciting features of the antimatter platform, the ones listed below tickles my fancy the most;

1. Secondary market opportunities: with antimatter, you can engage in market-making and arbitrage as well as other secondary market opportunities.

2. Highly innovative defi mechanism: through antimatter, you can execute put and call strategies fully on-chain. You can read more on this on their medium page.

3. Simplicity and ease of use: all antimatter products are built with mass adoption in mind thus, their products are perpetual options without expiry dates or added complexities.

4. Cross-chain compatibility: antimatter is compatible with polkadot, binance smart chain, etc.

5. Self-sustainability and community governance: the antimatter protocol is self-sustainable as fees from products and protocol usage are used to buy back matter which is its utility token.


The team is led by highly experienced and versatile experts in the crypto sphere. Their contributors include Jack Lu of and Robert Hu of


The utility token of the antimatter ecosystem is $MATTER and it can be obtained by staking, providing liquidity, option creation, redemption, etc. other info and details on the project can be found below;






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